Action Alerts!

CT Action AlertNAMI Fairfield issues Action Alerts to notify our community when there is an important mental health related legislative item in need of our attention. Sign up for Action Alerts here.

New! 3/22/2018: Ask your legislators to co-sponsor and vote Yes on Mental Health Parity bill (SB384). Read more here

Previous alerts:

March 2, 2018: Public Hearing on Mental Health Parity legislation on Tuesday, March 6 at noon. Your voices are needed at this important hearing! Read (expired) action alert here.

February 22, 2018: Tell leadership of Insurance Commission to bring mental health bill proposal to  the floor for a hearing.

Representatives Brenda Kupchick and Livvy Floren submitted a proposed bill to improve behavioral health services in Connecticut. It passed through the  Public Health Committee and is now before the Insurance Commission. It needs to be called for a hearing – and this is where your help is needed. Read (expired) action alert here.

June 21, 2017: The new state fiscal year started on July 1st – without a signed budget in place – resulting in the Governor having to run the state by executive order, which means cuts to nonprofit social and human services right now. Read (expired) action alert here.